Nowadays, sexual harassment in the workplace seems an ordinary occurrence. There are times that this is undetected when victims are afraid to report, or there are writing business ethics essay no protective measures being done by managers and superiors in the office. Violence in the workplace is also another no-no where women are the usual victims.

The newly-hired personnel were the most efficient and talented people I’ve ever known. The situation appeared like these Asians came there to look for spa businesses.

Bridging the Line Between a Human Right and a Workers Choice

In this era of globalization, where countries interact with each other through international trade, foreign direct investment, import and export, entry barriers into the foreign market has reduced. Globalization has created massive employment opportunities in host countries and also helped to reduce poverty yet, it has its own critics; the ethical aspect of globalization.

The ‘moral muteness’ of managers is renown, particularly when discussing ethical concerns. They may fear being ostracised by their peers because of doing the right thing. They prefer to suppress their fears rather than confront them. 5) It is enough for business people merely to obey the law. This is the objection that to be ethical it is enough for people merely to obey the law.Business ethics is essentially obeying the law • HOWEVER, some laws have nothing to do with morality e. Therefore businesses have to consider the future effects of their current actions. • ‘Long term’ also serves as a reminder that business is normally assumed to be a sustained activity, not a temporary one.

Ethical Behavior Ethical Misconduct

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  • I even asked for more of their talented countrymen and relatives and provided travelling expenses for the new but qualified ones.
  • It is only through this concept of corporate social responsibility that properties and wealth are distributed, although this is only the tip of the iceberg when talking of equal distribution of wealth.

I hold a MS degree in Human Resource and my goal is to help students with flawless, unique papers, delivered on time. For example, does the seller have a right to conceal any information about the low safety standard of the product while presenting it to a customer? Should the accountant report any mistakes found during the audit knowing that there is a chance that the client is likely to cease cooperation with the company? Should car manufacturers use new expensive parts to ensure safety, knowing that in this way a car will become too expensive for the customer? Business ethics is disputable by its very nature, and it can’t be defined clearly.

Importance of Business Ethics Essay

A code of conduct serves a reference for employees on the company’s expectations and consequences for employees if they fail to meet them. Ethics and compliance in the modern business environment have become an integral part of a firm that needs to be integrated in the daily running of activities.

  • Put another way, we have accepted the need for ethics in governance, and now we should be focussing on the governance of ethics.
  • • However, there is no correlation between being good and being materially successful.
  • In the absence of a written contract, business is not accountable to them.
  • Thus, a comprehensive study of business ethics includes social-and-political philosophy, philosophy of law, and potentially also political economy and macroeconomics.

Some are defensive about business’ inferior ethical conduct. Others deny there can be or should be any such thing as business ethics. We have to ask our fellow employees and managers if they approve of some behavior by others and if they are not, then we have to correct it. Most businesses and organizations have their own code of ethical conduct of ordinary employees in line with the organization’s mission and objectives. But, these codes of conduct usually point to the particular morality and religious beliefs and culture of the people.

It needs a human touch

On corporate responsibility, see Farmer and Hogue and Den Uyl . See also Goodpaster and Byers and Stanberry (2018, § 3.4). This is sometimes also called “corporate social responsibility,” but the broader term (without “social”) implies that firms might have obligations that aren’t to writing business ethics essay society or aren’t to members of society. Such obligations might include environmental protection for its own sake. Thus, a comprehensive study of business ethics includes social-and-political philosophy, philosophy of law, and potentially also political economy and macroeconomics.

  • Make sure that the selected topic will be relevant in the context of business ethics and express your ideas for solving specific issues.
  • In a very competitive global market, businesses have to consider certain patterns of conduct that may have ethical dimensions e.
  • This assignment will cover the ethical issues a business needs to consider in its operational activities including implication for the business and stakeholders.

Wal-Mart is the largest employer in the world; however, the company has been accused of gender discrimination in the workplace thus leading to the glass ceiling. Fraud affects everyone regardless of their skin color or the language that they speak. There are several types of fraud in international trade. Criminals can tap into your business bank account, hack your website, make phone calls,… Pay the writer only for a finished, plagiarism-free essay that meets all your requirements.


Hereford suggests that any company that aims to be socially and ethically responsible must make a priority of ethical communication both inside the company… The board of directors and management at all levels must show their commitment to integrity and ethical values through their actions, behavior, decisions, and directives to support internal control in the organization. The formal right tone should be described in the mission and values statements,… INTRODUCTION This essay will provide a detailed discussion on the emission scandal of Volkswagen which has involved legal as well as ethical issues. Suitable recommendations will be provided for the organisation based on theoretical models to avoid such issues in future. Because of the human aspect of ethics and its links to business success, corporate leaders must be careful about their behaviors and how they address problems. They must steer undertakings and projects towards their planned conclusions in a principled and disciplined way.